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Quick website builder !

Company pages offers you a quick and easy website builder , allowing your business to gain online presence in minutes

Active Support

Our support team is always ready to assist you , even after working hours. Our clients are our biggest priority .

Easy but efficient Ads

Company pages effetivly manages your ads , all you need is to pay up and our system takes care of the rest.

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Compay pages is a platfrom that allows business to quickly gain online presence by developing a website i minutes. We offer our clients an easy to use , user friendly website builder that also runs ads for the business ie for the website itself or for other products.

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Online Presence in Minutes

Thank you for chosing company pages , this section will just give you a small tutorial on how to use the website builder. Simply created an account , verify your account to get started. Creating a website is simlpe.simple click the create button on your dashboard and fill in the required detals. After that you click the edit site button , select your website and its done.

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Run Your Ads Automatically

Our system allows you to run ads Automatically. Creating ads is simple just upload picture , insert a caption for those who like to read and then create ad. Payment is required for the ads to run and once thats done , you love the rest to us. Our system will run your ad until it expires.

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Get a website in minutes

Our builder creates a responsive website in minutes.

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